African Storytelling from Islam

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Sunday 21st July 2019 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

FREE but registration required

8+  (Let the parents join the fun too!)

At One Hoe Street, Walthamstow, London E17 4SD

An energetic and captivating performance with powerful life lessons for all. Come and witness Alim Kamara present interactive show exploring traditional and biographical stories including Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the spider, Malcolm X, and Muhammad Ali and more. 

Alim Kamara is an African Storyteller and Hip hop artist based in London. As a child living in Sierra Leone, he would listen to Griots (storytellers) and admired the way they weaved lessons through tales.


His love of the arts was not appreciated by all, so Alim put his dreams on the backburner to study “serious” subjects such as Business and Computing & Electronics. Still, open mic and spoken word showcases allowed him to quench his thirst.  Mentored by poets and storytellers, Alim changed course and achieved a first class degree in Creative and Media Writing. This reigniting of his passion and birth-right as a Griot and polarizing Hip Hop artist.


Alim travels into schools and on stages in Dubai, Holland, Canada, Sierra Leone, Gambia and the USA.  Just like the Griots from his past, Alim leaves his audience captivated with his performances and craving to learn, relate and elevate.

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