Ertugrul, Ottomans and Britain

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Muslim audiences were captivated by Ertugrul on Netflix all over the world creating to some a sense of revivalism of Muslim Heros we look at the reasons why and how the start of Osman Gazi became to take a world stage by creating an empire called the Ottomans that lasted for 600 years. What were the misconceptions and how did Britain benefit from them?

  • Dr Stef Keris was born in Greece but was raised in Germany, where he went to school and university. During his studies he came across Islam and started to read about it. He converted to the Islamic Faith in 1992. He gives presentations about ‘Ottoman and Islamic heritage in Europe’ throughout the English-speaking world. Dr Stef has written three books and documentaries in the series of 'The Hidden Islamic Heritage of our World': The Forgotten Ottoman Legacy of  Greece, The Unknown Ottoman Hungary and The Unseen Ottoman Vienna with an additional documentary about the three Ottoman capitals (Bursa, Edirne and Istanbul).
  • Brother Abu Musa is a co-founding member of ILM FILM Studios, a creative media company specialising in the production of high quality broadcast content for television and online audiences. ILM FILM is best known for its history based films and publications including series on Great Muslim Lives, the Muslim Golden Age and the fall of the Ottoman Empire.
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