Frequently Asked Questions 


Visa to UK

Q: Do I need to apply for a visa to the UK?

A: To see if you need to apply for a visa please click here


Q: Where do I apply for a UK visa?

A: You can apply for a UK visa on this website here



Q. How can I plan my route?

A. Please visit  to plan ahead


Q. I'm flying to Heathrow on transit in the evening to somewhere else, is there a place where I may store my baggage whilst I do a tour with you?

A. Yes, there is at Heathrow itself, please go to We advise to pre-book to avoid the possibility of queues.


Q. Is Wifi available at the tube (metro) stations?

A. Yes, there are and there may be a possibility to connect. Please read both these links:


Q. Is there any prayer place in UK airports, shopping destinations, and motorways?

A. Yes, there is! We have a dedicated page for this. Click HERE


Travel Insurance

Q: Do you provide travel insurance?

A: We as a tour company don’t provide any insurance.



Q: Are the walks safe for all types of ages?

A: You must be fit and well to travel regardless of age. It is the responsibility of the individual traveller to decide whether they are medically fit and able to attend the guided tours.


Halal Hotels

Q: Are your hotels Muslim owned or dry (do not serve alcohol)?

A: We work with a range of hotels in different parts of London, some of whom are Muslim owned and serve Halal food whilst others are conventional hotels but do not sell or provide alcohol. Other hotels outside of London may serve alcohol and provide vegetarian options only. 


Q: Is halal food available?

A: Yes, we organise beforehand restaurants which provide halal meals for the walk if requested


Money Exchange 

Q: Where can I exchange currency?

A: There are money changing kiosks available at major airports, shopping complexes and major shopping streets. Please click here to find out current exchange rates.




Q. Are your tours expensive?

A. Our Halal walking tours have only gone up recently April 2018 after 3 years and are competitive to what may be found out there. Furthermore, we only have professionally qualified tour guides and Halal / Muslim tour experts. Adults 16+ £30, Children 5 -15 £16 and 0-4 FREE.


Q: What type of tours do you cater for?
A: We primarily focus our tours and packages for the halal and Islamic tourism market but we also focus on other areas such as Islamic history, Halal cruises, Halal lunch, Halal afternoon cruises and more

Q:  Do the bus, cruises, walking tours run daily?  What are the times?
A:  Bus tours (Hop on Hop off) : Daily from 8:30 AM - 5:50 PM
Sightseeing Cruises: Daily from 10:00 AM – 5:20PM 
Halal Lunch Cruise: Daily at 11:30 AM (Bookings must be made 24 hours in advance)
Halal Afternoon Tea: Daily at 3:15 PM  (Bookings must be made 24 hours in advance)
Walking tours: Daily 9:30 AM, 1:30 PM, 6:30 PM -Minimum two people.
All bookings are subject to availability. 

Q. "I've chosen a day but I don't see the time slot available, how come?"

A. This would mean the slot is not available and you would need to choose another time slot

Q: How long do the walking guided tours take?
A:  Approximately 2.5 hours with a break but we stop at various locations.


Schools and Youth Groups Pricing

Q: Do you offer discounted rates for certain groups for the Halal history tours?
A: The minimum payment for a tour is £170  and discounted rates for school parties, scout groups, supplementary schools and other youth groups which are the following:
Primary age child: £6.00
Secondary age child: £7.50
Youth/Adult (16+): £12.00


For example, 10 primary children and 2 adults = £84. However £150 would need to be paid for the group tour.

20 primary children and 5 adults = £180. Only £180 would need to be paid for the group tour.



Please note bookings should be made according to the ages of the children at the time of the tour not the time of booking. Please make an enquiry beforehand to ensure that you and your group are eligible for this pricing. We welcome all groups of all ages to our tours.

Q: Do you have risk assessment? 
A: Yes please click here to view this

Scheduled Packages

Q: Are your packages only valid for the mentioned dates?

A: We have fixed packages for the mentioned dates with the advertised prices but we are also able to create tailormade packages for your visit. Simply email us or send us a message through the website with your dates, requirements, number of people, ages of any children and ideal budget and we can create a tour to suit your requirements.