National Portrait Gallery Muslim Tour

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£30 Adult (16+) Children (9-15) £16 Family (2A+2C) £90 Under 8 FREE

We visit one of the most popular galleries in the country, the fascinating National Portrait Gallery founded in 1856. The gallery holds an array of Muslim oriented displays as well as some with hidden connections. 

We will be looking at a Black Muslim who became enslaved and fails at times to be mentioned in Black history month despite having British connections. 

British alliance with the Ottomans during the Crimean war leads to a wrongly designed British note

Malala the first & second, but just who is Malala first and why is she unknown?

500 years of Muslims living with amnesia 

Western disclosers of pirates, privateers, and Mujahideen

East India Company, Lucknow - A War of Words


And much more! 

From GBP 16

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Morning, Afternoon, or Evening
£30 Adults (16+) £16 Child (5-15)


  • 2 hour guided tour by professionally qualified Muslim guide
  • Paintings and portraits over the last 500 year retold