Schools qualify for separate cheaper rates for our halal walking tours: Primary schools £6, Secondary schools £7.50, Adults/16+ £12. Please note that the minimum payment is £170 made up of the above rates. 


For example, 10 primary children and 2 adults = £84. However £170 would need to be paid for the group tour.

20 primary children and 5 adults = £180. Only £180 would need to be paid for the group tour.


As we only specialise in Britain, Schools are able to appreciate the tours and able to learn about "Promoting British values whilst valuing the Muslim contribution at the same time".  

These workshops are tailored to explore the world of a shared untold history. With activities which are engaging and fun for children and adults alike! why not allow them to discover and learn at the same time. 

Starting from the advent of Islam through to modern times enjoy an interactive educational session experiencing British customs, people and places that were introduced from Muslim culture.


Just what was the Muhammadun berry?

Which King had a Turkish bath and other customs?

What part of Britain was ruled by Muslims?

Britain: A Muslim shared history

Vikings and Muslims 

Tudors and Muslims

Victorians and Muslims

The children's workshops will:

  • encourage children to find out about significant places/ events
  • helps children to understand different cultures and communities 
  • supports Key Stages 2, 3 and 4
  • helps develop historical skills

Currently, we offer presentations: 

  • Schools
  • Mosques and Islamic centres
  • Home-schoolers 
  • Supplementary schools and Madrassas
  • Libraries
  • Scouts
  • Youth groups
  • Prisons