Sherlock: The Official Live Game

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Days of Operation: Tuesday to Thursday
Friday: 15:30/15:50/16:05/16:40/17:00/17:15/17:50/18:10/18:25/
Saturday and Sunday: 10:00/10:15/10:35/10:50/11:10/11:25/11:45/12:00/12:20/
17:50/18:10/18:25/18:45/19:00/19:20/19:35/19:55/20:10/ 20:30/20:45/21:05/21:20

Peak timings: Friday 18:00-close and Saturday-Sunday all day Adult £39.99, Child 10-17 £30
Off Peak timings: Tuesday-Thursday : Adult £32, Child £28 16:05/16:40/17:15/17:50/18:25/19:00/19:35/20:10/20:45
Family tickets only available until 17.15, Tuesday to Friday and Sundays. Additional tickets must be purchased for a family of 5+

Want to solve crimes like Sherlock? Don your deerstalker and step into the immersive world of the exuberant detective. Sherlock has gone AWOL and London has been troubled by a spate of break-ins across the city. Mycroft has put out a call for volunteers that can step in to the Sherlock’s shoes and solve the crimes and save London!

For 100 minutes you will travel through iconic sets from the award-winning TV show, cleverly curated by the Sherlock creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. In your teams of 2 to 6 people you’ll move through Sherlock’s world, picking up clues from Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and Andrew Scott in brand new and specially recorded video and audio sequences.

Once you’ve solved the crime and won the respect of Sherlock Holmes himself, reward yourself in the secret Mind Palace or by a halal afternoon tea!

This highly curated experience is a must for any Sherlock Holmes fan, or those of you looking for an alternative evening of fun.

The entrance to the Sherlock: The Official Live Game is through the entrance to the fictional Doyle's Opticians - No your eyes do not deceive you! 

If you need more clues about your Sherlock Holmes experience, keep reading!

It's time for your check-up...



Your training is about to commence: you are to meet your handler at a local optician's premises - named Doyle's.

Surprised? Hm. You know better than that - or at least you should do.  If anyone asks, you are here for a "routine examination." Trust no-one. 

Arrive at Doyle's Opticians, Ground Floor, W12 Shopping Centre, Shepherd's Bush, London W12 8PP, a few minutes before your appointment. If you are late, you will not be admitted. 


Bring your appointment details on your mobile device along with a recent form of ID. Understood? Good. However, there are a number of cardinal rules that are essential to your survival. Ignore them at your peril: 

1) Do Not Be Late. Punctuality is essential. If you are late, you will miss your training session. Arrive a few minutes before your appointment, ready to ring the doorbell to Doyle's Opticians at your exact time.

2) Make Use of the Facilities Beforehand. Opposite the entrance to Doyle's, there are lavatories. Use them before your appointment. Soiling yourself is no joke. 

3) Dress Appropriately. Dress in comfortable clothing, with appropriate footwear. High heels do not fit this brief: they are pointless.

4) Remember Your Manners. If you are aggressive or abusive, we will terminate your mission immediately. You are here to serve the nation. Act like it.

5) Drinking and drugs Is Prohibited. If we detect that you are in any way intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, for your safety and ours, you will not be admitted. 

After the mission however, we invite you to join us at our secret member’s club The Mind Palace for our selection of Sherlock inspired drinks. To ensure a table on arrival, please book "an appointment” via Doyle’s Opticians for 100 minutes after your game booking. After all, saving the world can be thirsty work.

6) Be Ready To Sign Away Your Rights. Your training will no doubt lead you into numerous perilous circumstances - and so you will be asked to sign our waiver. You can read it ahead of time here. If members of your team are under the age of 18, please ensure there is a responsible adult present to sign on their behalf.

Please share this information with your fellow recruits. It is essential that you are all on the same page - metaphorically, of course. 

The obvious questions are all answered in our training manual here. For less obvious questions, reply to this email. If you are having issues on the day of your booking, please call this number: 07701 384464

Prepared? Good. I look forward to observing your training. Oh, and do try not to worry: I doubt anything will happen to you on your first escapade, it’ll be a delight, I’m sure.


Mycroft Holmes


From GBP 28

Book Now Inquire Booking
  • This experience is priced differently during peak and off-peak times - please check the Schedule tab for peak and off-peak times
  • Tickets must be booked 48 hours in advance of attendance
  • This product cannot be cancelled or amended
  • Your booking is not a confirmation of attendance – You will receive confirmation of your booking shortly afterwards and in some cases you may need to pick a different date / timeslot
  • Minimum of 4 people and maximum of 6 people per group
  • If you arrive with less than 4 people you may have to join another group
  • The experience is accessible to all however, please call before you book to make sure specific requirements can be accommodated
  • Please arrive early so as to fit into booked time slot – If you arrive more than 5 minutes late you will not be allowed in to the experience and no refund or rearrangement will be given
  • Phones and cameras are not permitted within the experience
  • Children between 10 and 17 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Please wear flat shoes – high heels are not permitted


  • Immerse yourself in the peculiar world of the great detective Sherlock Holmes
  • 100 minutes of escape room fun curated by Sherlock creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss
  • Explore some of Sherlock’s most iconic sets while solving puzzles and uncovering clues
  • Suitable for ages over 10 in teams of 2 – 6 people
  • Take clues from Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and Andrew Scott