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Comprehensive Services for Halal Travel and Muslim Heritage:

Halal Tourism Britain is your partner in enhancing the appeal of your destination to Arab and Halal travellers, or in deepening your understanding of the historical ties between Muslims and Britain. Please note that our services are provided on a paid basis, ensuring our commitment to delivering high-quality value.


We offer consultation services to countries and shopping destinations seeking to attract Halal travelers. Our expertise has been sought by renowned locations like Bicester Village and the Regent Street Association, aiding them in creating appealing experiences for this niche market.

Providing consultation services to property developers who are interested in working around buildings or communities related to Muslims is a niche and potentially valuable business opportunity. Considering the cultural and religious sensitivities involved, it’s important to approach this endeavour with a deep understanding of Islamic practices, beliefs, and architectural preferences. Some steps and considerations could be; Cultural Sensitivity and Understanding, Architectural Design, Community Engagement, Cultural Integration, Environmental Considerations, Communication, Partnerships.

Remember that cultural sensitivity, respect, and an authentic desire to serve the needs of the community are essential for success in this endeavour. Building trust with your clients and the communities you serve will be key to establishing a strong reputation in this niche market.


Engaging Speeches and Panel Discussions:

AbdulMaalik Tailor, an expert in Halal tourism and Muslim heritage, is a sought-after speaker. He has shared insights with diverse audiences, including the tourism industry and Visit Britain headquarters. For non-Muslim countries looking to tap into Halal tourism, his expertise is a valuable resource.

Unveiling Muslim Heritage:

Muslim heritage is a vital facet of Halal tourism. AbdulMaalik Tailor actively speaks about Muslim heritage in Britain, addressing local authorities, seminars, interfaith networks, and educational platforms. We offer script-checking services for media outlets, public shows, attractions, and exhibitions featuring Islamic heritage.


Tailored Commissioned Tours:

Should you require a customised tour for a festival, museum, gallery, or other event, our commissioned tours are designed to cater to your needs. Our portfolio includes renowned institutions like the National Portrait Gallery and The Foundling Museum. Notably, we delivered Tate Britain’s first Islamic tour in 2018, drawing a record-breaking 70 attendees.

Enriching Museum & Gallery Experiences:

We provide consultation for interpretation and visitor inclusion, having notably influenced Tate Britain’s label updates to incorporate a non-western perspective.

Exhibition of Muslim Contribution:

Our exhibition celebrates the remarkable contributions of Muslims to Britain. This exhibition can be hired for events to showcase the dynamic impact of Muslim individuals and culture on British society.

Distinctive Photoshoots:

Launching a brand in the UK? Allow us to orchestrate the details, including top influencers, premier locations, and the option of our open-top sightseeing bus or traditional London black taxis, adding that extra touch to your brand’s identity.

Insightful Media Presence:

Through interviews, we have shared insights on Halal tourism, Muslim heritage in Britain, and AbdulMaalik Tailor’s personal journey as a convert to Islam. His unique perspective makes him an approachable resource for media inquiries.

Enhanced Training:

AbdulMaalik Tailor, Britain’s first professionally qualified Muslim tour guide, offers training for Hajj and Umrah, Halal travel companies, and mosque guides. Our training enhances guiding skills, ensuring that knowledge is effectively delivered—an essential skill often regarded as an art.

At Halal Tourism Britain, we’re committed to delivering tailored solutions that celebrate Muslim heritage and facilitate engaging travel experiences for all.