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Multi award-winning AbdulMaalik Tailor is an international speaker who is also sought-after by conferences, the media and training of tour guides. He passionately speaks about Muslim history in Britain, Halal Tourism in Britain, Halal Tourism and Halal Cruises in different settings and not just to Muslims.

If you’re interested in booking him for an event, it’s great that you’re considering him, please complete the form below. If AbdulMaalik or his team is interested and available, they will likely discuss terms such as speaking fees, travel arrangements, accommodation (if needed), and any specific requirements for the event.

It is better to plan ahead as much as possible.

We are not responsible if you have gone ahead with publicity of AbdulMaalik to attend your event when the form or an agreement has not been made. We have to emphasis that we do not allow photographs of AbdulMaalik Tailor or our brand to be used for your publicity whether in UK or internationally, to attract guests to your event unless we have granted permission and have a right to sue under English law.