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Terms & Conditions

Please note that Muslim History Tours is part of Halal Tourism Britain (hereafter HTB) now and all T&Cs are governed by HTB.

Payment will show on your statement as being from FareHarbor who are our payment services.

Terms and Conditions

This page lists the terms and conditions for all tours and services that HTB Offer. Please look at the relevant sections to see the relevant terms and conditions for your chosen tour or service. If you accept the terms and conditions at check out then you have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions, we can not be responsible for customers failing to read this page.


You have to provide us with full and accurate information at the time of booking. We reserve the right to suspend or cancel a booking if you fail to do so. We do not accept Kunya, professional, convert/revert names and only full legal names. This is because of health and safety reasons. ID may be requested for our experiences.



  • You will book at least one hour before the event
  • If you book once the session starts we may be unable to provide access to the session
  • For the security of all Zoom meetings, details are only revealed 2 hours before the event. Please make sure you have a Zoom account and have trialed it beforehand, as we may not be able to deal with last minute technical enquiries.
  • We do not allow pictures or recordings or provide copies of the presentation.
  • If we are able to secure sponsorship for any of the sessions that are a repeat of one you have attended before and we are offer them for free subsequently you are unable to claim a refund for the one you have paid for.

Eid Afternoon Tea Cruise

  • These are in addition to the section on Cruises and others:
  • Pushchairs/ Prams are at the discretion of staff
  • Any Infant requiring a seat needs to pay. You are most welcome for your infant to be on your lap at your own risk
  • If you do not show up or are late the vessel will not wait for you and no refunds or exchanges are given. Pier timings are given by TFL or authorities and unable to change
  • There are no discounts or refunds and exchanges provided, once booked.
  • Seat allocation is pre-allocated
  • Soft drinks/ mineral water are purchasable on the day and not included in the price. We do not offer tap water.
  • By agreeing to attend you accept photographs and videos may be taken at the event which may include you.
  • There will be a queue in place and for registration purposes we only need to have the booker queue up in the queue at a social distance. Follow the instructions of the staff. If there are any wheelchair users please notify us in advance and we will give you priority boarding.
  • Any person booking deemed by staff or crew to be not following instructions may be refused entry on the cruise with no refund or exchanges possible.
  • We reserve the right to opt for a larger boat to cater more guests.

Muslim Sightseeing Bus Tour and Night Sightseeing Bus Tour

  • You will make sure you will arrive prior to the departure time and if you fail to do so HTB will leave without you with no refund or transfer provided.
  • If you decide to go to a shop or elsewhere and are late for the departure we will leave without you.
  • HTB are not responsible if the planned route is cut short or diverted due to matters beyond our control which include but are not limited to, traffic, weather, acts of God, demonstrations, technical difficulties, vehicle accident, breakdown and no refunds or transfers are provided.
  • Public seating allocation is unreserved and we are not responsible if you are seated downstairs.
  • For public sightseeing bus tours, we reserve the right to cancel it if there are low numbers and we will refund you for the amount paid only.
  • Seat allocation is in twos but if a single seat is booked you may be paired up with someone else.
  • No glass bottles, glasses or alcohol, chewing gum are allowed on the bus and you will be asked before boarding, should you have any or are found to be with any it will be taken off you. Failure to comply may mean you will have to leave the bus with no refunds.
  • Any rubbish that belongs to you has to be disposed of by you off the bus. Anyone found dropping their rubbish will be asked to pick it up, refusal to do so may mean you need to leave the bus without completing the journey and with no refunds.
  • No pushchairs allowed
  • No dogs allowed
  • No smoking including electric cigarettes allowed
  • Anyone requiring a seat has to pay for it. Children up to the age of 3 years and carried on their parent’s lap do so at their own risk.
  • Prices offered are peak season price which is still cheaper than other London Sightseeing bus companies.
  • For health and safety and smooth operation of the trip for everyone on board or at the hop-off locations, you will follow the advice of HTB staff or representatives, failure to do so will result in you being asked to leave the bus and no refunds given.
  • You will not set-up your own rival tour to ours whether in any other language, charity, education, tv or commercial basis
  • If a low number of seats are booked we reserve the right to postpone the sightseeing tour where guests will receive priority over any other guests booking with no refunds.
  • You are responsible for your own safety whilst coming on or off the bus and at different locations.
  • Once booked there are no refunds, exchanges and not even for you cancelling, no show or are late.
  • As with any of tours, we may have media present who may film or take photos.
  • For night tour the bus may be a different open top bus than the one seen in the marketing.
  • A sightseeing bus tour are for people who wish to discover the hidden gems by commentary. Please note it is not for people who wish to constantly talk to each other. If you are found to be doing this you will be warned and we reserve the right to eject you from the bus wherever we are without refund or exchange.
  • We reserve the right to change the bus to a closed top if it is known to us that it may rain, but it may be advisable to bring appropriate clothing for rain, as with other sightseeing bus tour we will still operate in the rain and there are no refunds.
  • It is your responsibility to park your vehicles in a suitable place and HTB is not responsible for any fines, charges etc you incur.

Private Hire

In addition to the above, the following apply:

  • The minimum age for booking 21.
  • The hiring of the bus as a gift, wedding or educational may be done.
  • Any damage occurring to the vehicle ‘The Hirer’ will be liable to pay in full.
  • Additional charges such as parking fees, permits or entry fees will be levied in accordance with the charges imposed by the company supplying the services and must be paid by the hirer. Such charges are to be paid on demand or ideally in advance of the date of hire. In addition, the cost of any wilful damage or unreasonable cleaning will be charged to the hirer.
  • No standing passengers may be carried on any private hire working
  • Buses are classic London buses and as such are not fitted with seat belts. If children are coming on board without parents, it is advisable to make the parents aware of this fact, gain their consent and ensure you have adequate adult supervision present on the buses.
  • All hires are payable in advance, by online bank transfer.
  • Payment details will be agreed upon confirmation of hire.
  • Where mentioned our logo needs to be included
  • All advertising done by the hirer has to be approved by us before you advertise your hire activity. Failing to do so we have the right to sue you and may claim compensation/ damages etc as a result of failing to approve with us and if we incurr loss or damages even from our us supporting partners or suppliers. Furthermore we have a right to cancell any activity if you do not obide by this point withour a refund being offered.
  • All payments must be received in sterling and net of any transaction charges. Until the full payment is received the hire is not confirmed and can be cancelled or the price changed.
  • In the unlikely event of cancelling the booking, we can refund 50% of the balance paid up to 4 weeks before the hire date. In the 4 weeks prior to the date, no refund will be given. We do not allow postponements one month before the event. Any postponements may carry a fee that could even be £100.
  • No booking is guaranteed unless the booking form and payment has been received, all bookings are subject to availability and what is available today may not be available tomorrow.
  • A £100 deposit has to be provided by bank transfer and will be refunded providing the bus has been left in a clean state. As the hirer you are responsible for your attendees leaving the bus in a clean state as found. We have the right to tell you if need be to clean up the bus at the end (Cleanliness is half of eman) You should provide a dustbin bag for upstairs and downstairs.
  • Payment is acceptance of our terms and conditions.


We only accept fully completed and truthful booking forms that means if you make a booking and we identify missing information eg incomplete full name for whoever we see the booking as null and void even if you receive a confirmation. Full names mean legal names only, not Kunyas, convert/revert or professional names. We have the right to cancel the booking and you will need to fill out the booking form again. We offer no form of compensation whatsoever due to this & if you miss the place because you fail to fully comply it is your fault. Furthermore, if you fail to complete another booking and choose to turn up we are unable to accommodate you. Our decision is final and there are no grounds of appeal etc.

Halal Tourism Britain is within its own right to cancel a booking if we deem it necessary if we believe alarm and distress will be caused to staff or other attendees by your attendance or someone else booking on your behalf. We do not offer any compensation for this.

HTB staff/agents/crew may refuse to carry any passenger, or direct any passengers to disembark, where an individual/s have been banned or the behaviour of that passenger is liable to cause nuisance or alarm and distress or offence to the other passengers/staff or put at risk the safety of the passenger or other passengers, crew or vessel. This would also be the case if an individual/s has been booked via third parties. This can take place at any time of an experience.

Walking Tours

  • Bookings are only confirmed once the booking form is returned fully completed and payment made
  • Please note that once we make a booking for you, we are committing ourselves to you for that slot. For bookings done online there are no refunds or exchanges for cancellations done 72 hours in advance or no shows.
  • We reserve the right to consolidate different parties in the event of late bookings
  • No recording of the guide or pictures of belongings are allowed
  • Participants of the tours will not set-up a rival walking tour, whether for but not limited to commercial, non-profit, personal, charity educational or in a different language. We do not allow any of our tours to be made into a trail or for publication for a book or digital by yourself or anyone connected to you. If you do so, we have a right to sue you.
  • The company or its employees are not held responsible for any injury to the attendees or loss of belongings. Any dispute arising will be governed by the English courts only
  • We plan in advance and we commit our guides to you and are unable to take on other bookings.
  • Should any customers misbehave whilst at an event, they will be asked to leave and will not be allowed to return to the event. No refunds will be given in this case.


All staff on board have been issued with hand-sanitiser, and those preparing food and serving drinks now wear protective gloves at all times. All surfaces which customers may come into contact with will be cleaned with anti-bacterial spray and every boat is being cleaned with disease control chemicals at the end of the day when the boat is out of service. The kitchen areas already receive a daily deep clean and hold a five-star food standard certificate from the Health and Food Authorities.

  • Formal attire or traditional clothing must be worn, no ripped jeans or trainers allowed
  • No children are allowed
  • You are welcome to have bouquets are delivered.
  • There may be music and other forms of entertainment onboard, please check before booking if unsure
  • Once booked there are no refunds or exchanges
  • Sightseeing, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Dinner, Anniversary Cruises

Services and Safety

  • We or our providers reserve the right, when necessary, to alter timetables, re-route vessels for reason of safety or stop them serving a pier, without notice. Although any such action will be exceptional, we do not guarantee to operate any services in accordance with published schedules, or at all.
  • You may use any of our provider’s vessels if you have a ticket which is valid and available for your journey. Our services are often heavily patronised so we cannot guarantee to provide you with a seat or accommodate you at all, on a particular vessel or sailing.
  • Boats may be chartered by us or provider’s vessels.
  • For your own safety and the safety of others, you must follow the instructions given by the staff or crew when on board any of the vessels.
  • For safety reasons, you must not smoke (except in designated smoking areas) or use roller skates, roller blades or skateboards on the vessels or any facilities controlled by our providers.
  • The master may refuse to carry any passengers, or direct any passenger to disembark, where the behaviour of that passenger is liable to cause nuisance or offence to the other passengers or put at risk the safety of the passenger, other passengers, crew or vessel.
  • The Company will not be liable for any loss, damage or delay to any persons or their possessions whilst embarking or disembarking from the vessel or during the voyage which may arise from or be in any way connected with any act, omission or negligence of any person employed by the Company.
  • The Company will not be liable for death or personal injury to any persons resulting from any act or omission other than the Company’s negligence.
  • A cake may be brought on board and given to the crew when boarding and requested when wished. Please inform us when booking. For health and safety, only 1 candle is permitted.
  • Once booked there are no refunds.
  • The cruise services are Halal food cruises, meaning that the food is Halal. A variety of drinks may be served on board including at times alcohol which we are not a party to. A halal cruise is by private hire and costs more.
  • The Halal food cruises do not come with a Muslim history commentary, however, this is possible by private hire.
  • Cruises may be run on the day by us or by our providers.


  • Tickets must be booked 24 hours in advance.
  • You must have a ticket, which is valid and available for inspection, for the journey being made. You must use it in accordance with these conditions and it must be returned to the provider as soon as you have finished using it if the provider so requests. All tickets remain the provider’s property.
  • Once purchased tickets are non-refundable.
  • The provider’s tickets can only be used by the person for whom they were bought, or to whom they were issued, and cannot be resold or passed on for further use. This invalidates them.
  • Where tickets are available for travel on the services of more than one operator, the conditions which will apply to each part of your journey will be those of the operator whose service is being used.
  • You must have your ticket ready for inspection at any time during your journey and you must hand it over for examination by a member of the provider’s crew, Police Officer or another authorised person if you are asked so to do.
  • If you wish to travel outside the availability of your ticket, or before or after the times that it is valid, you will need to pay an additional fare. We or the provider reserves the right to require you to disembark if the additional fare is not paid.
  • Children under the age of five may travel free of charge provided they are accompanied by the holder of a ticket and do not occupy a seat to the exclusion of a full-fare-paying customer. This facility is limited to a maximum of two children per ticket holder. Children aged 5 to 16 years inclusive may travel on sightseeing cruises at the child rate except on certain services where it is advertised that no child fares are available.
  • However, children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • If you buy a ticket with a credit or debit card to which you do not have legal right, the ticket will be invalid from the date of issue and you will be liable to pay the full fare for any journey(s) made using that ticket.
  • Whilst we try to ensure that all information, particularly times and prices, displayed on our web-sites are accurate errors may occur. If we discover an error in the price of a ticket you have purchased, we will try to inform you as soon as possible and give you the option of either reconfirming your purchase at the correct price or cancelling it. If we are unable to contact you for any reason, we reserve the right to treat the purchase as cancelled.
  • If you present a mis-priced ticket at embarkation, we reserve the right to withdraw the ticket, cancel it and refuse travel unless and until another ticket has been purchased at the correct price for the intended journey.
  • Cancellation under any of these circumstances will entitle you to a full refund of any sums you have paid.

Replacement Tickets, Refunds and Compensation

  • If your ticket is lost, damaged or can no longer be read, we may, at our discretion, replace it free of charge, provided we can confirm that it is valid. In order to verify your purchase, we will need your booking reference which is contained in your confirmation e-mail and shown on the original ticket page. Please note that it is not possible to verify your ticket purchase with your credit or debit card reference because this does not contain the details of the ticket(s) purchased.
  • Once purchased tickets are non-refundable or exchangeable.
  • We do not accept liability for any loss resulting from our failure to provide an advertised service, or where a delay occurs to those services, for any reason. We may, however, at our discretion, consider a refund on any ticket which is unused or only partially used as a direct result of a failure on our part to provide the advertised service for which the ticket was purchased.
  • Once booked refunds will not be granted other than in the circumstances described in 2 above.
  • Any refunds agreed will be made entirely at our discretion and without prejudice.

Suspected Fare Evasion

  • We reserve the right to withdraw any ticket at any time although we will not do this without good reason.
  • If we think that you have used or tried to use any ticket to defraud us we may cancel the ticket and not re-issue it. If this happens you will forfeit the right to any refund for the unused portion. If sufficient grounds exist for us to believe that you have attempted to defraud us, then we may instigate legal proceedings against you.
  • Your ticket is invalid if we believe that it has been tampered with deliberately, or if it is damaged to such an extent that it cannot be read. In the case of suspected tampering, we will not replace it and you must surrender the ticket if asked so to do by a member of our staff.


  • Not all of our vessels have been designed or adapted for passengers in wheelchairs. If you intend to travel on a vessel which has not been so designed or adapted, you must satisfy yourself as to its suitability before embarking.
  • When travelling on any vessel not adapted for wheelchair access, if you use a wheelchair you must bring enough helpers to enable you to make your journey safely including getting on board the vessel and leaving it at your destination.
  • Even on vessels designed or adapted for wheelchair access, it may not be possible for you to sit in a wheelchair at a table and, for reasons of safety, you may be asked to move from your wheelchair into a fixed seat, in which case the wheelchair will be stowed in a safe place.
  • Under no circumstances must wheelchairs obstruct any access to safety and life saving equipment, gangways, stairs or passageways.

Luggage, Belongings and Animals

For safety reasons, and for the comfort of passengers, we have to restrict the amount and type of luggage, including pushchairs and shopping trolleys, that you can take with you on our services.

You may, at the discretion of the crew, take with you the following items, provided they do not obstruct access to safety and life saving equipment, gangways, stairs or passageways and are not put on seats:

  • Personal luggage
  • Pushchairs and buggies
  • Prams
  • Bicycles
  • Other items provided they are not deemed likely to injure anyone.

You may not take on board:

  • Any item that is more than two metres long
  • Hazardous or inflammable substances

We reserve the right to restrict the carriage of any luggage when there is a need for increased security and to refuse permission for you to take any item at all on to a vessel.

If you are registered blind you can be accompanied by a guide dog and travel without charge.

If you are registered deaf you can be accompanied by a hearing dog for the deaf, for which there will be no charge.
At the discretion of the Master, you can take with you a dog or other inoffensive animal, without charge, provided it is kept under control, either on a lead or carried in a suitable container, and is not put on a seat.

The Master may direct which part of the vessel you can occupy if you bring an animal on board.

We can refuse permission for you to take an animal on our vessels if this condition is not met or if the animal seems dangerous.

Crews are not allowed to take charge of any animal.

We do not accept responsibility for any luggage, belongings or animals brought on board. If you bring any such items on board they remain your responsibility at all times.

Lost Property

We deal with lost property in accordance with our lost property procedures, which are available for inspection on request. If you find any lost property on our vessels or facilities, do not touch it but please alert a crew member immediately. If we think unattended property may be a security threat, the police or security services may be called to attend and the item(s) may be destroyed.

Private Cruises

School, Isoc, charity, sightseeing, wedding, Eid, family, professional etc


During the peak season of summer quotations may take longer than normal due to the number of queries. We, therefore, ask you to place an enquiry for a private cruise as early as possible for summer time. We have a right to charge a premium for late enquiries. Furthermore, if you wish to book according to your quoted price please do so as soon as possible as we are unable to honour an old quote due to seasonal price changes etc.

Fee, deposit, and cancellations

The cost of a cruise is dependent on various factors including time of day, time of the week, season, pier, menu, number of people, boat etc. Summer season is peak time and you are advised to plan ahead and book 6 months in advance with full payment etc of your desired date. HTB reserve the right to charge a surplus of 20% for bookings done less than 1 month. Please also note the below may be subject to change for the summer season.

The Hirer is required to pay a non-refundable deposit of £500 minimum or another amount to confirm a booking the (“DEPOSIT”), payment to be made within three days of the Email confirmation of the booking. We do not confirm any booking as we have a live system in place until a booking form and payment has been received. What is available today may not be available tomorrow especially during peak season.

If the deposit is not paid to HTB within three days of the confirmation HTB may cancel the booking in question.
Balance including all costs of catering, music and any other requirements is to be paid no later than 7 weeks prior to the date of the function.

If the hirer cancels within 6 weeks of the date booked he or she will remain liable for the full costs of the charter as it is highly unlikely HTB will be able to re-let this date.

The minimum cancellation charge is 50% if the hirer cancels up to 8 weeks before the event this will increase to 100% if you reach the 6 weeks period.

If possible HTB will try to transfer function/s to another date agreeable to both parties.

Vessel cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances functions will be transferred to another vessel of similar size and style.

Hire Terms

  • Boat Hire is based on a minimum of 3 hours Hire, any hours over and above have additional costs.
  • Vessels are allowed on the pier from 15 minutes before your embarkation time and will return to the pier 15 minutes before the disembarkation to allow time for passengers to disembark
  • Embarkation and disembarkation or any additional pier stops will be charged at £50.00 per stop subject to availability. Higher fees apply to privately owned piers.
  • For your own safety and the safety of others, you must follow instructions given by HTB and/or agents/crew/police when on board the vessels.
  • For safety reasons smoking including E-cigarettes is permitted on designated outside decks only.
  • HTB agents/crew may refuse to carry any passenger, or direct any passengers to disembark, where the behaviour of that passenger is liable to cause nuisance or offence to the other passengers or put at risk the safety of the passenger or other passengers, crew or vessel.
  • Any passenger who wilfully damages the vessel, the interior parts or equipment will be liable for the cost of the repair or replacement.

Catering Terms

No less than 2 weeks prior to the function should the hirer notify HTB if the number of guests is expected to increase.

If the number of guests was to decrease from the stated amount the hirer is still liable to pay for the minimum number.

Changes to specification should the event change from the original quoted specification then your costing will be revised accordingly.

Own catering is not permitted on any of HTB vessels used.

Bar Terms

  • HTB only operate a non-alcoholic soft drink policy even if there is an alcoholic bar onboard.
  • Price quoted does not include drinks unless stated or part of Afternoon Tea and Hi-Tea.
  • Own drinks are not permitted on any of the vessels and if any passengers bring their own drink on board it will result in being charged for the bottle or can or termination of the function.
  • Clients are able to pre-pay for the drinks or purchase on the day.

Entertainment Terms

  • Clients are permitted to supply entertainment with a negotiated surcharge all electrical equipment supplied by any act must carry P A T certifications.
  • All equipment must be supplied by the client for own entertainment as HTB and/or agents/crew does not have any spare equipment on board.
  • The hirer pays all fees for entertainment I.E Nasheeds artists ETC.
  • As soon as the cruise vessels touch the pier all loud audio is to stop playing due to licenses.

Loss / Damage terms

  • HTB and/or agents/ crew will not be liable for any loss or damage of personal possessions whilst embarking or disembarking from the vessel or during the cruise.
  • HTB and/or agents/ crew will not be liable for any accident, injury, loss, damage or delays to persons embarked or their possessions.
  • HTB and/or agents/crew clean all vessels immediately after events so if any lost property is found HTB will notify you of that evening.




Hop On Hop Off Bus

  • All sales are final: tickets cannot be exchanged or money refunded by the provider. Redress may only be given where the provider is specifically at fault.
  • Online tickets are booked on the understanding that the ticket confirmations despatched either by “UK Post” or International Post” or “eVoucher” are pre-paid vouchers.
  • The ticket to travel is valid for use on our partner’s London Sightseeing Tour as a hop-on hop-off ticket for 24 hours (or 48 hours as may be applicable where stated) from the time and date stated on the ticket unless otherwise specified.
  • Pre-paid vouchers or tickets to travel obtained from an unauthorised source, stolen, copied illegally or counterfeit will be seized and cancelled without compensation. No travel will be permitted.
  • A child is defined as being aged from 5-15 years inclusive. Only one child, under 5 years old, per adult may travel for free provided they do not occupy a seat to the exclusion of a fare-paying passenger. Child fares are only available when accompanied by an adult.
  • The ticket to travel remains the property of the company and must be made available for inspection by the driver, guide or any official of the company on demand.
  • The customer must keep their ticket safe. No refunds will be made in respect of lost, destroyed or defaced tickets. Tickets are not transferable.
  • The provider will make every effort to maintain a regular and frequent service but does not guarantee to do so. The provider shall not be in any way liable to the ticket holder for loss, damage, inconvenience or delay in consequence of any failure, alteration, suspension, cancellation or termination of service.
  • Receipt of the ticket without immediate objection shall be deemed acceptance of, and agreement to the above conditions, and our partner’s full Conditions of Carriage.
  • Individual tour vouchers booked online are valid for redemption up to 6 months from the date of purchase.
    Entry into the attractions is subject to the individual venue’s own terms and conditions. Our partner has no control over or responsibility for waiting times.
  • When validating eVouchers, the customer must always show the credit card used for purchase. If the ticket was purchased as a gift for someone else, photo identification matching that of the “Gift Name” given when booking online must be presented.

Day Trip Bus/Coach Tours

  • Customers are required to be at their check-in times in order to avoid missing their departure. We are unable to be responsible if you miss the departure and no refunds or exchanges are possible.
  • Drivers have to work under strict legal and time restrictions and therefore you will be dropped back at up to three central locations in London (unless stated otherwise during the tour).
  • Meals provided are set ones and are Halal friendly
  • These are not Muslim History Tours but general tours

Attraction Tours

  • We will fully co-operate with any law enforcement authorities or court order requiring us to disclose the identity or other details of any person posting material that is in breach if this website.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that the details you provide us with are correct and complete, and for informing us of any changes to the information you have provided.
  • Prices shown on HTB website are per person unless otherwise stated. Prices are subject to any payment fees and charges which will be communicated before payment
  • Prices are subject to change until the booking has been confirmed.
  • Senior Prices apply for customers 60 years and over.
  • Students at the time of booking must provide an ID card and bring it with them on the day of travel.
  • Children under sixteen must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Unless otherwise specified, prices do not include any local taxes, charges or fees.
  • Prices do not Include (unless stated otherwise) – gratuities to the guide, driver or tour manager, food and beverages and transfers to/from stations.
  • Gratuities are at your discretion.
  • Revised pricing, practices, offers, commercial catalogues, price lists and schedules or other documents upon which pricing strategies are based on are considered in conjunction with Pricing Practices Guide.


  • HTB accepts the following Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.
  • Full payment is required at the time of booking.
  • Cardholder must be present at the time of presenting the tickets


All international payments must be paid in full in GBP and any bank charges or otherwise are to be paid by the paying party.

Amendments & Cancellations

  • Amendments by you can only be made to coach tours, please call us 72 hours prior to the departure time and date.
  • Theatre tickets, rail trips, lunch and dinner products, overnight tours, attraction tickets and Warner Bros studio tours cannot be amended or cancelled once booked.
  • For full and half day coach tours, a full refund will only be made up to 72 hours prior to departure; otherwise 100% charge will apply.

Refunds & Compensation

  • In the event that a venue is not visited during a coach tour due to unforeseen circumstances, an amount equal to the value of the admission will be refunded at our discretion.
  • If the air conditioning or washroom on the allocated vehicle is not operational, then no refund will be made.
    Open Top Bus Tour tickets are not refundable. All sales are final, tickets cannot be exchanged or money refunded by us or our partners.
  • For Open Top Bus Tours, in the event of unforeseen weather or traffic conditions, a refund of a maximum of 25% of the value of the ticket will only be given where the delay is longer than one hour.
  • We cannot grant any refunds more than 30 days after completion of tour.
  • All third party products and services, where we act as an official agent, are non-refundable under any circumstances and are also subject to the terms and conditions of the product/service supplier.
  • In the event that UK train services are cancelled, refunds and compensation will be offered in line with the train-operators’ terms & conditions.


We want you to enjoy your experience with us. Sometimes, however, things do not go according to plan and if you feel that we have not lived up to your expectations, or that we could improve our service in some way. Please let us know by 5 working days by email to and we will respond to you within 3 – 5 working days.


  • Customers purchasing tickets will receive an e-ticket. The Customer will need to print the e-ticket and bring the printed copy and photographic I.D. with them to present to a member of the bus or attraction staff at the Customers preferred boarding point.
  • The Customer should present their e-ticket to the bus or attraction uniformed member of staff, at the preferred boarding point. The member of staff will exchange the e-ticket for a valid ticket To Travel.
  • HTB or its partners reserve the right to refuse any valid ticket to travel without photo ID.

Date Of Departure & Collection Timings

Dates of departure and collection times are subject to change or cancellation, should unforeseen circumstances occur.

Pickups & Convenient Returns (Coach Tours)

In the event that you miss your pickup time, please contact the concierge at the hotel who will assist your further.
Drivers have to work under strict legal and time restrictions and therefore you will be dropped back at up to three central locations in London (unless stated otherwise during the tour).

Smoking, Food & Drink On Board Coaches

  • Smoking is not permitted on board, but all tours make frequent stops.
  • In the interest of safety, we ask that no hot food or hot drinks are carried on board the coach.
  • We offer a complimentary lunch pack on some coach tours. Care is taken to ensure that the lunch pack does not contain nuts, however due to the nature of how the cookies are displayed, they may come in contact with other peanut or tree nut-containing cookies. HTB will not be held responsible for any allergic reactions
  • The free lunch offer is available on all full day coach tours (excluding Discover tours)
  • There is no cash alternative for the free lunch pack
  • If a tour is confirmed after 12am (midnight) UK time, for the following morning, a free lunch pack will not be provided.
  • We are unable to take requests as to the contents of the free lunch pack.
  • You may consume your free lunch pack on the coach.
  • HTB will not be responsible for any allergic reactions that may occur.

Passports, Visas & Personal Insurance

  • A Passport valid for all countries to be visited must be carried and you must ascertain from your Travel Agent what visas are required.
  • It is the responsibility of all passengers, regardless of nationality and destination to check with the consulate of the country they are visiting for current entry requirements.
  • We do not offer Travel Insurance but would strongly recommend that you purchase a comprehensive Travel Insurance Policy prior to departure.

Special Requirements

At HTB we do our best to give all our customers full care and attention, but we do need to know at the time of booking if there are any special needs or requirements. It is particularly important that we are advised of any disabilities and also if you intend to bring any specialist equipment such as a wheelchair with you. If you have a medical condition, please consult your Doctor if you are in doubt about your suitability to travel.

At HTB our policy is to maintain and improve the current standards of accessibility to our services for people with disabilities or whose mobility is impaired. We take into account the provisions set out in the Equality Act 2010 and whilst we encourage third party venues, and industry partners to adopt such measures we are unable to guarantee their standard of compliance.


On overnight tours, an allowance of one suitcase, not exceeding 44lb in weight and dimensions of 30 x 17 x 10in (20kg and 77 x 44 x 26cm) is permitted together, with a small carry on.

Any items left on the coach or vehicle, are left at the owner’s risk. HTB or our agents will take no responsibility for loss or damage to these items.

Tour Information

  • Whilst touring, please note that seats are on first come first served basis.
  • We or our partners may, at our discretion, require any person to withdraw from any tour if we deem their acts or conduct offensive or a nuisance to other passengers, and we shall have no further liability.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any tours due to lack of demand and also to use vehicles as dictated by demand. We also reserve the right to alter at any time any price, place visited, itinerary or hotel owing to unforeseen circumstances. Every endeavour will be made to advise passengers in advance of any alterations that are deemed necessary.
  • In the event of any passenger not being carried for any cause whatsoever, no liability will be accepted by the operators beyond the refund of the fares.
  • Should the passenger fail to arrive or arrive late at the starting point or during the tour, the tour will not be delayed in order to wait for the client and then no liability can be accepted.
  • On certain occasions, a bilingual tour guide may lead a tour to cater for customers of different language needs.
  • Wi-Fi users are subject to a fair data usage limit of 250MB per customer.

Walking Tours

  • All walking tours are subject to availability.
  • Free walking tours must be pre-booked and vouchers redeemed for use within 72 hours of a coach tour. If a walking tour is unavailable, no refund will be made.


  • You are required to carry a valid passport with you which will be validated at the check-in desk.
  • Please check your visa requirements before you travel.
  • Your tickets will be printed under the lead passengers name
  • 100% cancellation charges apply to this tour – once booked it cannot be cancelled or exchanged for another time even if you are late.

Please note: During this tour there is a fair amount of fast paced walking involved. Please wear comfortable shoes and dress appropriately.

Are you wondering how we can offer these great Paris trips at such fantastic prices? As all our Eurostar tickets are secured well before the date you choose to travel, you will benefit from advance ticket prices regardless of how close your travel date is! The savings from purchasing these tickets at a lower price are passed on to our customers, so you never have to search for a better deal.

HTB or our representatives will have no liability if Eurostar trains are delayed for unforeseen circumstances such as security alerts, third party action or bad weather as this is beyond our control

Third Party Products

  • HTB provides you with this booking platform, so that you can get in direct contact with the service provider and make a booking.
  • The contract relating to the service booked is directly between you and the supplier of the service.
  • HTB is not a contractual partner for the booked service. You will be subject to the supplier’s terms and conditions, our partner acts as an agent for the supplier of the activity. For further details please contact us.
  • Free walking tours must be redeemed on the day of your tour and must be used within 7 days after your tour date.

Accident Or Loss

We have no liability for loss, damage, delay, inconvenience, or direct or consequential loss, however, caused, unless due to our employee’s negligence, in which case our liability is limited (except for death or personal injury) to a maximum of the refund of the tour cost.

We do not own or manage the train, ships, vehicles, accommodation and restaurants used and we have no liability for loss or damage caused by the proprietors or operators thereof.


  • Prices quoted are subject to our terms and conditions listed on here.
  • With regards to meals, packages only allow for breakfasts. Any additional costs incurred must be settled with hotel directly e.g. Breakages, Additional food items ordered, Extra drinks, Room Service etc.
  • The quote is subject to availability especially with regards to hotels and therefore we advise immediate booking
  • As the lowest rates have been secured for the booking, the package is non-amendable and non-refundable
  • All bookings are subject to the hotel’s own policies which may be provided at the time of check in
  • A policy of no smoking and no pets applies to all hotel accommodation booked


  • For the purpose of your trip, a travelcard for transfers (unless stated) is provided which also allows you unlimited use during your free-time for zone 1 & 2 only. You are responsible for the travelcard and if you lose it you will need to pay for another one including the card itself if necessary.
  • Prices exclude visas, insurance and gratuities. If you are travelling to Europe or elsewhere please make sure you have the necessary visas as we can not be held responsible.
  • Quotes are based on the itinerary that you have provided except where we believe in order to provide a competitive price some alteration may have taken place
  • Any additions or changes may be subject to a change in the quote.
  • Schedule and Itinerary may be subject to change due to availability issues etc
  • All tickets and vouchers cannot be transferred, resold or redeemed for any monetary value.
  • All visits are subject to traffic conditions and especially as the package involves travel out of London over long distance, we cannot guarantee that all mentioned locations can be visited
  • We cannot be held responsible for factors outside of our control such as Weather, Vehicle Problems etc.
  • The company, its employees and agents are not held responsible for any injury to the attendees or loss of belongings. Any dispute arising will be governed by the English courts only
  • Please allow for sufficient travel time for long distance journeys. We cannot be held responsible if the group is late to these locations due to leaving late from their departure point


On any of our experiences we may take photographs etc if you do not wish to be part of it please let us know.

Schools, Scouts, Organisation, etc.

Bookings are only confirmed once the booking form and payment has been recieved. We run a live online booking system and all time slots are subject to availability. Once paid no booking may be postponed unless there exception circumstances (deemed by us) and you have to reschedule and take your tour within 3 months. We are unable to offer any refunds whatsoever.


We are unable to accept promotions done by others, and therefore not able to offer price matches or refunds whether partial or in full if you see the identical activity elsewhere once booked.


If you have a complaint please notify us by 5 working days by sending an email to Whilst most complaints are resolved in 1-2 weeks sometimes depending on the nature of the complaint it may take up to 4 weeks.


If you have a dispute of being overcharged whilst paying by your card we will double check our side and if we are unable to find an overcharge we would need proof from your bank statement showing this.


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