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We charge alot less for our school assemblies or inset sessions and we believe our fees are fair. We continue to pursue work in the educational sector because we love having the opportunity to positively influence many young people every year.

Here are just some of the ways we spend our “non-paid” hours in order to keep ourselves in business:

  • Researching and adapting presentations and developing new themes
  • Answering and returning phone calls and dealing with the administrative details of equiries, tests,
  • Developing Direct mail campaigns, managing mailing lists, coordinating
  • Developing publicity materials, including, but not limited to, web-site maintenance…
  • Planning each individual session to meet a particulars school’s needs
  • Maintaining our equipment as well as researching and buying new equipment
  • Traveling to and from shows, loading and unloading equipment.

We’ve invested money in:

  • Antiquities
  • Equipment
  • Professional development and training
  • Exhibition fees
  • Print and online advertising
  • Photography and videos
  • Professional associations and directories
  • Web site hosting, domain fees
  • Phone services
  • Internet
  • And more…

InshaAllah we hope you can understand where the fee goes towards.

School, organisation, university, corporate booking form

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  • Bookings are only confirmed once the booking form is submitted and payment made. We run a live booking system and therefore do not make provisional bookings. A change of date or cancellation of less than 1 month is not allowed and you will forfeit the sum paid for the experience. All bus or boat experiences carry a £100 refundable deposit providing the bus or boat has no rubbish and is left in a clean state including from anyone who has attended via you. We reserve the right to consolidate different parties in the event of late bookings. The person named on the booking form is our sole contact for the booking. Waiver- By submitting this form you have understood and agreed to: No Recording of the guide. You will not set-up a rival walking tour, guide or trail, whether for but not limited to commercial, non-profit, educational, charity or in a different language. Furthermore, the terms & conditions and risk assessment on our website are understood and accepted. The company or its employees are not held responsible for any injury to yourself/ves or loss of belongings, and any T&C's on website Please Note: For any booking, there are other T&C's found on the website under Contact Us. Any dispute arising will be governed by the English courts only.
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Virtual Online via Zoom

We do not allow recording of the virtual sessions and forms part of our T&Cs.From a 30 minute school assembly £100, 1 hour £150.00 or 1.5 hour session £195.00, the following presentations may be conducted:

Black Muslim history in Britain – Most Black Muslim history fails to examine Black Muslims with Britain or fails to provide an account of black Muslim civil rights who visited UK such as Malcolm X, Duse Mohammad Ali who was even a resident. A story of discovery that takes us back to the Tudor times!

Islamic history of Britain – Ideal for raising awareness of Islamophobia and empowering students with knowledge to counter stereotyping narratives. Suitable for Islamophobia Awareness Month – November,

National Portrait Gallery – You are able to experience a Muslim tour of it!

British Museum – Looking at some of the Muslim connections and raising awareness of terminology and othering, Viking encounters, oldest Muslim connection to Britain and some of the Muslim influences of the Museum.

Live Virtual tour – Discover the hidden Muslim gems from the streets of Central London from the comfort of your house or workplace!

Guided Tours

Schools qualify for separate cheaper rates for our halal walking tours: Primary schools £6, Secondary schools £7.50, Adults/16+ £12. Please note that the minimum payment is £200 made up of the above rates.

For example, 10 primary children and 2 adults = £84. However £200 would need to be paid for the group tour.

25 primary children and 5 adults = £210.00. Only £210 would need to be paid for the group tour.

As we only specialise in Britain, Schools are able to appreciate the tours and able to learn about “Promoting British values whilst valuing the Muslim contribution at the same time”.

These workshops are tailored to explore the world of a shared untold history. With activities which are engaging and fun for children and adults alike! why not allow them to discover and learn at the same time.

Starting from the advent of Islam through to modern times enjoy an interactive educational session experiencing British customs, people and places that were introduced from Muslim culture.

  • Just what was the Muhammadun berry?
  • Which King had a Turkish bath and other customs?
  • What part of Britain was ruled by Muslims?
  • Britain: A Muslim shared history
  • Vikings and Muslims
  • Tudors and Muslims
  • Victorians and Muslims

The children’s workshops will:

  • encourage children to find out about significant places/ events
  • helps children to understand different cultures and communities
  • supports Key Stages 2, 3 and 4
  • helps develop historical skills

Currently, we offer presentations:

  • Schools
  • Mosques and Islamic centres
  • Home-schoolers
  • Supplementary schools and Madrassas
  • Libraries
  • Scouts
  • Youth groups
  • Prisons

Inset day

A Muslim history tour for an inset day by walking or sightseeing tour bus can be a great way to achieve the specified outcomes below. Here’s a suggested itinerary for a walking or sightseeing tour, with an option to stop at the British Museum for a more in-depth experience:

  • Introduction at a Local Mosque:
    • Start the day with a visit to a local mosque. Have a knowledgeable guide provide an overview of Islam, its history, and its presence in the local community.
  • Walking Tour of Historic Muslim Sites:
    • Explore historic areas where Muslim communities have played a significant role. This may include Muslim neighbourhoods, landmarks, or sites with historical connections. Learn about local Muslim life, traditions, and events. This provides insight into the vibrant and diverse Muslim community in the area.
  • Discussion on Language Framing:
    • Hold a discussion on how language is framed in relation to Islam and Muslims. Address common misconceptions and the importance of using accurate and respectful terminology.
  • Lunch at a Halal Restaurant:
    • Choose a local halal restaurant for lunch, providing an opportunity for participants to experience and appreciate Muslim cuisine.
  • Discussion on Muslim Contributions to Science:
    • Conduct a session discussing the significant contributions of Muslims to science, even after the loss of Al-Andalus. 
  • Exploration of Muslim Role Models:
    • Introduce participants to notable Muslim role models, both historical and contemporary..
  • Interactive Activities:
    • Incorporate interactive activities such as Q&A sessions, storytelling, to enhance engagement and reinforce key learnings.
  • Reflection and Q&A:
    • Conclude the day with a reflective session, allowing participants to share their thoughts, ask questions, and discuss what they’ve learned