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About Us

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AbdulMaalik Tailor – A Trailblazer in Halal Tourism

AbdulMaalik Tailor, the visionary founding CEO of Halal Tourism Britain, is a trailblazer in the world of halal tourism. With a remarkable portfolio and a passion for showcasing Muslim history and culture, he has left an indelible mark on the industry.

Key Achievements and Contributions:

  • Halal Tourism Authority: AbdulMaalik Tailor’s leadership at Halal Tourism Britain has resulted in numerous awards, including 5-star TripAdvisor reviews. He stands as a prominent authority on halal tourism in the UK, advocating for its growth and working closely with prestigious entities such as UKinbound and Visit Britain.

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Istanbul, Turkey

  • Media Presence: His expertise and dedication have earned him recognition from global media outlets, including the BBC, Thomson Reuters, Al Jazeera, and more. His appearances in documentaries and interviews highlight his deep knowledge and commitment to promoting Muslim history and halal tourism.
  • Inspiring Tours: As Britain’s first professionally qualified Muslim tour guide, AbdulMaalik Tailor has not only conducted inspiring tours himself but has also inspired other Muslims to become tour guides. His influence has extended to the international stage, fostering the establishment of Muslim tours in locations like Barbados, Vietnam, and Scotland.
  • Innovative Initiatives: His visionary approach led to groundbreaking events, such as the Islamic Arts & Heritage Festival and the Islamic tour at Tate Britain. These initiatives not only educated and engaged audiences but also set records garnered glowing reviews alongside having labels changed.
  • Recognition and Awards: AbdulMaalik Tailor’s dedication and impact have been recognised through prestigious awards and acknowledgments. These include the World Halal Travel Tour Guide 2023 by Crescentrating and HalalTrip, acknowledgment by the Mayor of London, inclusion in influential Muslim lists, and more.

Halal Tourism Britain’s Impact:

Halal Tourism Britain, under AbdulMaalik Tailor’s leadership, has touched the lives of thousands worldwide, irrespective of age or background. Its guided tours, which delve into Muslim history and culture, have drawn acclaim, particularly among student groups who find them surpassing even established museum offerings.

Inclusivity: Halal Tourism Britain is committed to inclusivity, welcoming all individuals to experience its enriching tours. While rooted in Muslim heritage, the tours have garnered praise from diverse audiences, enhancing understanding and appreciation for cultural diversity.

Conversion to Islam:

Originally born into the Hindu faith, AbdulMaalik Tailor’s spiritual quest led him to embrace Islam, a decision that transformed his life. His conversion reflects his deep exploration of faith and his quest for spiritual fulfillment.

Cultural Intersection:

AbdulMaalik’s journey becomes even more compelling with the background of his late mother. Born into the Hindu faith herself, she chose to convert to Christianity while living in the UK. This convergence of faiths within the family illustrates a rich tapestry of cultural and religious exploration.


  • June 2023, Winner of the world Halal Travel Tour Guide of the year by Crescentrating and Halal Trip
  • May 2023, joins the Partition Memorial Advisory Board of Everyday Muslim
  • Dec 2022, received a personal letter of appreciation from the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan for his Muslim history tours
  • Dec 2022, chosen by EqualityX, as the Top 10 influential Muslims in hospitality in UK
  • Nov 2022, finalist in the Businessman of the year category for Islam Channel Business Awards 2022
  • Mar 2021, selected to join the National Portrait Gallery’s Rising Up Steering Group
  • 2021, chosen by Emerald Network as 1 of 100 inspiring Muslim of UK
  • In Dec 2019, our Acton Muslim treasure hunt won the best creative event in the UK for Islamophobia Awareness month, beating over 220 other events
  • In Sept 2019, AbdulMaalik Tailor was chosen to become an assessor for blue plaques.
  • In July 2019, we launch the Islamic Arts & Heritage Festival in the first London Borough of Culture Waltham Forest with a glowing review by the Chief executive Martin Escom. Part of the event included the unveiling of a blue plaque marking the site of London’s first known public Eid prayers of 1894.
  • In May 2019, AbdulMaalik Tailor begins to host a highly popular radio show on ReviveFM called the British Muslim History show.
  • In Jan 2019, our sightseeing bus tour won the best event in the UK for Islamophobia Awareness  Month, beating 200 other events.
  • In Sept 2018, we delivered the first Islamic tour at Tate Britain, with a record-breaking 70 attendees on a tour.
  • In Sept 2017 Muslim History Tours was chosen as 1 of 7 Best Halal holidays in the world by The National, UAE Read the article
  • In Oct 2015 we were runners up in the World’s Best Halal Tour Operator, narrowly missing out to Etihad! Read the article
  • In July 2015 we were 3rd in the top 10 Eid attractions for Arab visitors to London Read the article


Why Choose Us?

Embark on Unforgettable Halal Tours with Halal Tourism Britain

At Halal Tourism Britain, our mission revolves around crafting unforgettable and enriching halal tours that unveil the hidden gems of Muslim heritage in the heart of Britain. Our guided tours are meticulously designed based on years of research, ensuring every moment adds value to your journey.

Discover the Magic of Muslim Heritage:

Imagine exploring iconic UK tourist spots like Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, and St. Paul’s Cathedral, and uncovering the rich Muslim heritage woven into their history. These are just a glimpse of the extraordinary sites waiting to be explored. Our tours take you beyond the usual path to unveil hidden Muslim treasures spanning over 1300 years in Britain, while also introducing you to inspiring contemporary Muslim role models.

Tailored Tour Packages:

Our range of tour packages offers something for everyone. From guided half-day tours to comprehensive six-day programs, our offerings encompass visits to museums, galleries, mosques, renowned tourist sights, and even shopping experiences. We understand the importance of comfort and ease, providing halal food, prayer times, and designated prayer locations. You can also expect Muslim-friendly hotels and seamless ground transportation to various attractions and shopping destinations.

Diverse Touring Options:

Whether you prefer exploring London on foot, cruising along its scenic river, riding sightseeing buses by day or night, iconic black taxi cabs, or our exclusive London Muslim History sightseeing tour buses, we have you covered. These options provide a gateway to London’s famous landmarks, while our tours infuse them with the fascinating Muslim narratives that often remain untold.

Elevating Your Halal Travel Experience:

We invite honeymooners, business travelers, those in transit, and holidaymakers to join us for a truly unique halal tour experience. Regardless of your purpose, Halal Tourism Britain guarantees an experience that combines cultural immersion with comfort and authenticity.