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"My family and I participated in a walk in November and it was a remarkable and insightful experience. Our guide Abdul Maalik fed us interesting (and some quite unexpected) nuggets of information about the Muslims of historical London. He also helped us navigate Central London and also helped us find a mosque to do our prayers and look for food. I look forward to attending another walk on my next visit (: "

– Abdul Hamid family from Singapore

"Really enjoyed it" "Very relaxing, informative, MashaAllah!"

– The Khan Family from South Africa

"I thought it was an excellent and extremely interesting discussion- I learned so much! I even asked me husband about St. George... I think there should be more efforts to have these interesting pieces of history taught to more and more school children. Young Muslim children should feel pride in their legacy in the UK, and other non-Muslims need to acknowledge the important contributions Muslims have been making to this country for centuries. All that said, it’s amazing how many people think that immigration and issues associated with it are new. What I learned yesterday is that we have all been moving around and living together for our entire existence, and we are better for it. Thank you for such a great afternoon and thank you for making me feel welcome".

– J Martin, Cultural Attache`, US Embassy

"EMERALD promoted Islamic History Walk in Ramadan - it was excellent mashallah, highly recommend to all. The evening was very informative. Provided a great insight in a practical fun 'walk'n'talk' way, which was sociable, giving a chance to meet new people and scope for photography along the way!"

– Rooful Ali

"I had never been on a Islamic tour before and therefore had no idea what to expect. Going on the first City of London Islamic tour I got to understand the significance of different historical buildings and their connections to Islam and Muslims. The attraction where we finished was truly unbelievable, to imagine that an Islamic building in the heart of the City could have existed from 100 years ago! The Central London Islamic tour was incredibly beneficial too because of the many attractions too and their links with Islam. The gallery pictures provided different connections to Arabic and Muslim world. Both Islamic tours were highly educational and truly memorable! The tour expert was very informative and pleasant".

– Aishah - Convert to Islam

"The City of London Muslim history walk was an excellent experience having worked in the City for many years, I never realised how much Islamic history there was in the City and Abdul gave us a great insight. I would definitely recommend the walk to all"

– Asif Sadiq, City of London Police & President of NAMP

"We really benefited from the tour and think they are very important. After 30 years of education I actually learnt something relevant. May Allah reward you Ameen Make this cause successful Ameen"

– Tyeebah Sharif, Homeschooling mother