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Risk Assessment

Our risk assessment is as follows:

  • The guide carries a hand sanitiser if it needs to be used however we recommend schools to bring their own ones to use.
  • The guide stands at least 1 metre away from attendees.
  • No physical contact takes place.
  • School to contact us at the time they have started their journey to the walking tour informing us of their ETA.
  • Prior to the walk commencing a small introduction takes place with a safety announcement.
  • The tour guide is at the front with a supervisor, whilst a supervisor is at the cross over and another supervisor at the back at all times.
  • Clear directions before crossing a road and adhering to traffic signals.
  • School staff to supervise road crossing by having a fixed person. This is in addition to front and back supervisors.
  • School staff or volunteers are to wear Hi-vis jackets which we will bring on the day for easy identification.
  • The group will be expected to stay together at break time and all other times of the walk.
  • It would be advisable that all students are identifiable by their school uniform or name badge.
  • Any long umbrellas will have to be placed in the cloakroom of the gallery.
  • Suitable clothing and footwear for the walk.
  • A break is 15 minutes long and schools may bring their own snacks or lunch.
  • All litter must be placed in the dustbins.
  • A mobile phone must be carried by a member of staff, in case of an emergency.
  • Head staff must have a list of all pupils on the walk with their emergency contacts.
  • Member of staff carries first aid kit.
  • Regular headcounts by staff.
  • We advise people to visit the toilet before the walk.
  • Toilets are located: Westminster Tube station – 50p charge, Central Hall Westminster – Free, Gallery – by the cloakroom.
  • At Halal Tourism Britain we intend to make it an enlightening educational experience for all, as has proven to be the case for all customers so far, MashaAllah.