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Training Tour Guides

How do you excel as a tour guide when targeting Halal travellers? We have both online and in person training to offer!

Our training packages are both online and in person and cater for different people around the world who wish to enter into the Halal tour guide industry, or to excel in serving the Halal travellers.

Far too long the defination of Halal Tourism has been limited to Halal food and prayers by so called Halal travel experts, whilst we accept these are no doubt important, the inclusion of Muslim history has been abscent. When we consider that a third of the Quran is about history and the lessons that should be learnt from them we notice that Muslim history timeline traditionally only goes upto 1492, when Al-Andalus siezed to exist.

At the same time many people have absorb language that frames and limits mindsets. We believe this has gone on far too long and we need to unpack this to excel in our delivery to Halal Travellers as effective tour guides. Given the undenible growth in Halal tourism globally whether in Muslim countries and non-Muslim countries there is without doubt the need to recognise the huge potiential to support the growth.

Topics we cover:



Tour guiding skills

Social media


There are two options available to potiential and already credited tour guides to partake in having the training assessed and improved, firstly online or secondly we travel to you.

AbdulMaalik Tailor, is Britain’s first professionally qualified Muslim tour guide who inspired other Muslims to join the profession. He has assessed other student tour guides and assistsĀ  qualified tour guides to improve their tours. He has also lead workshops globally to upskill other tour guides and is a leading world Halal tourism expert who challenges others in the field. By his recommendation Crescentrating introduced two catagories for their annual awards, River cruises and Tour guides.