Risk Assessment for walking tours


In line with the government's department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport regulation 2.2.2. permits tours upto 30 people. Further reading may be done HERE. Our mitigations are as follows:

All school tours are currently outdoors only

The guide carries hand sanitisers if need to be used however we recommend schools to bring their own ones to use.

Guide stands at least 1 metre away from attendees which is mentioned at the beginning of the tour.

No physical contact takes place. 

Attendees details are maintained to support the NHS Test and Trace.


School to contact us at the time they have started their journey to the walking tour informing us of their ETA. 

Prior to the walk commencing a small introduction takes place with safety announcement 

The tour guide at the front with supervisor and another supervisor at the back at all times.

Clear directions before crossing a road and adhering to traffic signals

School Staff to supervise road crossings by having a fixed person 

School staff are recommended to wear Hi-vis jackets for easy identification

The group will be expected to stay together at break time and all other times of the walk

It would be advisable that all students are identifiable by their school uniform or name badge 

Any long umbrellas will have to be placed in the cloakroom of the gallery

Suitable clothing and footwear for the walk

Break is 15 minutes long and schools may bring their own snacks or lunch

All litter must be placed in the dustbins

A Mobile phone must be carried by a member of staff, in case of an emergency

Head staff must have a list of all pupils on the walk with their emergency contacts

Member of staff carries first aid kit

Regular headcounts by staff

We advise people to visit the toilet before the walk

Toilets are located:      Westminster Tube station - 50p charge, Central Hall Westminster - Free
            Gallery – by the cloak room

At Halal Tourism Britain we intend to make it an enlightening educational experience for all, as has proven to be the case for all customers so far, MashaAllah.