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Black Muslim Tour of Central London

Quick Details

Adult Ages 16+
Youth Ages 8 - 15
Child Ages 7 and under
Family Two adults and two children

The History of Black Muslims in London

Discover the history of black Muslims in London on this unique tour! The stories of people and countries from Africa and the Caribbean of Muslim background are rarely mentioned on Central London tours. On this tour, we will be discovering some of them! From ambassadors, Nelson Mandela, and Malcolm X to Trafalgar Square, William Shakespeare, Henry the 8th, and much more.

The tour features a variety of connections, the contributions, and the challenges of the past through streets, statues, plaques, buildings, memorials, paintings, and events.


  • Ambassadors — trials, parade, and legacy
  • Nelson Mandela & Ahmed Kathrada together with anti-blackness in South Asians
  • Hidden plaque opposite parliament
  • Slave, dawah, and Quran
  • Tragedy, converts, and Islamophobia
  • Malcolm X files
  • Black history more than slavery
  • Paintings of the past shaping the present
  • Duse Mohamed Ali & words that shaped Muslim prayers in the early 1900s