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Central London Tour

Quick Details

Adult Ages 16+
Youth Ages 8 - 15
Child Ages 7 and under
Family Two adults and two children

Explore Central London with a professionally qualified tour guide!

If  you are attending the World Halal Food Festival 2023 at the London Stadium and wish to have a tour of London tour discovering the hidden Muslim gems at the some of the different attractions, then please join other tourists by booking the 10:30 AM Saturday 23rd September 2023 time slot. – See you there!

On this walking guided tour you will discover:

Where Arabic was being taught around Parliament in the 1600s, we take you to the location, show you the works and explain to you why it happened!

At Parliament, we explore the Muslim connections starting from the 1600s when Oliver Cromwell the prime minister wrote letters to Muslim rulers with verses from the Quran. How did he know about the Quran so early?

There is a misconception that the Ottoman military did not reach Britain but they did and we tell where it was for them to raise the Islamic flag.

There is a notion that Muslim contribution to science stopped when Muslim Spain al-Andalas finished. We enlighten you as to how this is not the case, as you discover a Muslim pioneer who invented something but had his invention stolen – You will be shocked who stole it and which building he was based at and received worldwide notability.

Starting from Parliament Square through to Whitehall to meet a Moroccan ambassador who in the year 1600 came to London along with another 20 or so Moroccans to meet Queen Elizabeth I, trade, and to make a treaty with her to attack Spain.  We’ll take you to a site that he was entertained to and show you how his legacy still lived on till this day!

Also, you will be surprised to see an Ottoman canon which some historians state was used in the 1453 conquest of Istanbul!

Culminating to the hustle and bustle of Trafalgar Square that has more than one Muslim connection which includes a hidden Muslim Crescent symbol from more than 200 years ago!