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London Sightseeing Bus Tour

Quick Details

    • Enjoy the live commentary provided by Britain’s first professionally qualified Muslim tour guide and multi-award winner AbdulMaalik Tailor .
    • Experience panoramic views of London from the open-top bus.
    • Guided hop-offs with visual aids will take you to famous landmarks and secret Muslim spots.
    • The circular route covers the City of London and Central London, including Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Tower of London, London Eye, Trafalgar Square, Whitehall, and more.
    • Discovering hidden gems through alleyways of London
    • Learn the location of the oldest Muslim connection in England in 773 AD – yes that’s correct, only 141 years after the death of Prophet Muhammad (SAWS)
    • See Abdullah Quilliam’s last house – The English convert who established UK’s first Mosque in 1887!
    • See Pakistan’s first embassy
    • Have a photo with an Ottoman cannon some say it took part in the conquest of Constantinople
    • Do you believe that Muslim contribution to science stopped after the loss of Muslim Spain? Discover how in reality it continued and where in the UK!
    • Did you know there once was a country called Islamistan? Even more interesting is that it was an English convert to Islam who was asked to be the head of the country! But who was he and where would he hold meetings?
    • Who was the Muslim William Shakespeare inspired by?
    • Did you know there were Muslims praying in London in the year 1600? Who were these Muslims? What were they doing in London at the time?
    • Were you aware there was a Mosque in London in 1895? Where was it? Who established it? We take you to the site!
    • The 3 beheaded Ottomans in the City
    • 1857 Indian Skull in London
    • Much more!

Live specialist Muslim heritage commentary by Britain’s first professionally qualified Muslim tour guide AbdulMaalik Tailor, a convert to Islam and a multi-award winner guide!

Private Day Time Bus Tour of London – Booking Information and Terms

Welcome to our private day time bus tour of London! We are excited to offer you and your group a 4-hour sightseeing experience with specialist live commentary and guided hop offs. Please take note of the following information and terms for your booking:

  • Booking and Planning:
    • This bus tour is only available for private group bookings, meaning you will have the entire bus for your party.
    • Pick-up and return locations can be anywhere in London and the surrounding areas.
    • The cost of the tour depends on the pick-up, drop-off location, lunch and prayer breaks and any additions
    • We recommend planning ahead, especially during the busy summer season when private bookings are in high demand and buses get booked rapidly.
  • Bus Options:
    • Choose between open-top and closed-top buses.
    • We offer buses with seating capacities of 58, 60, 64, 67 or 72 (for closed-top buses) and are subject to availability.
  • Planning Considerations:
    • Private tours require careful planning, including considering journey time, lunch, and prayer breaks.
    • Please note that lunch is not provided.
    • Bus hires are subject to Terms & Conditions, including a cleaning deposit of £100, which will be returned after the trip upon a clean bus. Depending on the bus hired the congestion charge may need to be paid for.
    • Non-collapsible wheelchairs cannot be accommodated on the Routemaster buses and only on the modern 67 open top bus.
  • Extra Terms & Conditions:
    • Glass bottles and chewing gum are not allowed on the bus.
    • If you have special needs children in your party, you are responsible for their supervision, and we require you to inform us for safety reasons.
    • The hirer is responsible for the behaviour, actions and decisions of all the passengers on board even if the hirer is not travelling with the party.  The hirer will be responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle by passengers during the hire.
    • Bus stoppages can only be requested through the guide, not the driver or conductor.
    • Standing on the bus while it is moving is strictly prohibited
    • Exiting and boarding an open platform bus is strictly prohibited whilst the bus is driven
    • We do require a back marker and road crosser to be present and wearing our hi-vis on the guided hop-offs for safety reasons.
  • Adherence to Timings:
    • Timings must be strictly adhered to. Fines may apply if issued by TFL or otherwise and are passed onto the hirer.
    • Your group may be invoiced for any extra time incurred beyond the agreed schedule.
    • The trip’s journey is subjected to traffic and duration booked.
  • Guide’s Pick-up and Drop-off:
    • If your pick-up location is not close to a tube station, the guide will need to be picked up and dropped off from a local station.
  • Photography and Reviews:
    • As a small independent company, we take pictures for marketing purposes. However, we will refrain from doing so if you have consent from everyone in your party not to be photographed.
    • We rely on reviews to improve our services, and you agree to provide one after the tour.
  • Disclaimer for Booking and Pricing: We understand that decisions take time, but we want to emphasise that we cannot guarantee the availability of your chosen date if you delay in making a decision or finalising payment. We are not responsible for any missed opportunities due to such delays. Additionally, in the event that availability changes, we might need to requote based on the offerings of another bus company, which could result in a higher price. Cancelling a bus will attract charges which depends on the bus hired and is not possible in the month before the date.
  • Safety
  • The driver and conductor are responsible for the safety of the vehicle and may remove any person from the vehicle whose conduct is in breach of any statuary regulations.  We reserve the right to terminate the contract, if the safety of the staff and/or the vehicle is violated. The full hire fee will be kept with no liability to the hirer.

We hope you have an enjoyable and memorable experience exploring London’s landmarks and hidden gems on our private bus tour. For bookings and enquiries, please contact us in advance to secure your preferred date and time. Thank you for choosing our tour, and we look forward to welcoming you aboard!

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