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Acton Tour

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Adult Ages 16+
Youth Ages 8 - 15
Child Ages 7 and under
Family Two adults and two children

The History of Muslims in Acton

Located in the West London Borough of Ealing, Acton is home to various diverse communities including Japanese, Polish, and Muslims from the Gulf.

On this tour, we unveil Acton’s famous female resident who traveled to the Muslim countries in the 1700s and found the Muslim women to have more freedom than women of Britain; who was she? Who was the famous Muslim in Acton in the early 1900s whose work went worldwide and is still used by Muslims to this day?

Discover the first Muslim prayers that took place in 1940s Acton unconnected to the present three Mosques of Acton. How were Muslims portrayed in the past? You’ll be surprised!

“I swear by the Quran!” Who said this and why? Entertainment and swords, The Muslim converts from Acton to pan-London from the time of trials to recognition! An emergency 999 phone call is made to the police by an organizer of a Muslim event! Why? Where? When?