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Brent Muslim tour

Quick Details

Adult Ages 16+
Child Ages 8-15
Families Two adults and two children

Make history by joining the amazing Brent Muslim tour!

Discover the hidden Muslim gems on the London Borough of Brent where Muslims make up the second largest faith community.

We will unearth some of the Ottoman connections including Haji Muhammad Dollie’s first London house who established London’s first Mosque in 1895 and see his final resting place.

Queen’s Park has many events historically taking place including those by Islamia school which was founded by Yusuf Islam also known as Cat’s Stevens. But did you know there is a Muslim connection to the park more than 130 years which can still been seen today.

Revealed by Brondesbury Park and Williesden High Street a Muslim student hostel, a 12 year boy who memorised the whole Quran and now leads even Fajr prayer at a Brent Mosque. (MashaAllah!)

The 100 year old country that was disappeared from a display.

A convert of Jewish heritage to Islam who establishes a world’s first!

Discover some of the developement of Muslim prayer places of Brent.

The guided tour is lead by multi-award winning and talented AbdulMaalik Tailor, Britain’s first professionally qualified Muslim tour guide.

Starting location is the Brandstand in Queens Park, NW6 6SG.

For those needing to prayer Dhur the Afghan Mosque on Church Road has male and female space.

This walking tour was first curated to take part in Islamophobia Awareness Month 2022. It is a duty for all of us to fight Islamophobia in all its forms when it affects the different Muslim communities.

This walking tour is open to all and one does not have to be a Muslim to attend.

Professional Qualified tour guide
Visual aids used