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City of London Tour

Quick Details

Adult Ages 16+
Youth Ages 8 - 15
Child Ages 7 and under
Family Two adults and two children

Discover the city of London with an experienced tour guide!

The City of London was established by the Romans who called it  “Londinium”, in 50AD. The City walls were built by a black North African Roman.

On the Muslim tour of the City of London we take a look at some of Salahuddin Ayub’s connections, the earliest Muslim statues in the UK which are 1000 years old!  We reveal to you who was England’s most famous immigrant from the Middle East, hidden gems, Architecture, Crime, Crusades/ Jihad, health, drink, legends and a Muslim role model Duse Muhammad Ali who was a black Muslim and published Britain’s first black newspaper more than 100 years ago. We will be taking a look at a church that has 3 Ottoman heads on it and Britain’s iconic St Paul’s Cathedral and how there was a Muslim contribution to the building of it together with a public Muslim call to prayer  (Adthan) being performed in the 1960s. We finish off at a truly memorable listed building that has survived 2 world wars, modern development and a bomb!

Supported by the Mayor of London