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Ottomans in Britain

Quick Details

Adult Ages 16+
Youth Ages 8 - 15
Child Ages 7 and under
Family Two adults and two children

Explore the Legacy of the Ottomans

The newly established Ottomans in Britain tour was created after much research about a time when the Turkish series Ertugrul captivated the Muslims from around the world.

Without a doubt, the Ottomans were the longest Caliphate, lasting more than 600 years. During this time, many accomplishments were made that brought it to be recognized by Britain as a powerful entity, and ally at times.

On this tour, we will explore a legacy of the Ottomans with Britain drawing upon the connections that include retracing Yusuf Agah Effendi in 1793, objects such as an Ottoman cannon, a stolen Chelengk, and a painting, and discover who was the most important Ottoman to visit Britain in the 1800s.


  • A morning or afternoon tour
  • Ottoman visits including the forgotten but spectacular one in the 1800s
  • Gifts from Sultans
  • Stolen Ottoman heritage
  • Gallery
  • Battle
  • Visual aids are used