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Woking Mosque

Quick Details

Adult Ages 18+
Youth Ages 8 - 17
Family Two adults and two children
Child Ages 7 and under

Tour the Shah Jahan Mosque

The tour at Woking Mosque is like no other because it is the first known purpose-built mosque in Britain. Built by Dr. Leitner who was born a Jew, raised a Christain, studied in the Madrassas of Istanbul. Originally established as part of the Oriental Institute and included at the time a Museum. The Shah Jahan Mosque is its official name after the Begum Shah Jahan, the Nawab Begum of the princely state of Bhopal of India.


  • Guided tour
  • Watch old videos
  • First and only Mosque in UK with a Grade I Listing
  • Visual aids used

Please note the guide’s travel has to be paid for in addition to tour which by train is £30-£35. Once train tickets have been purchased and if you decide to cancel the tour the guide’s train ticket still needs to be covered.