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Our guided tours continue to gain success from being featured in Alarabiya's Top 10 Eid attractions in London. Considering the 1st position was a publicly funded event and the 2nd position being a Mosque, we are greatly pleased our Eid 2015 Muslim tours were at a 3rd position. Read the article here. Featured by different domestic and international media for also making historical discoveries such as an Islamic Exhibition in 1908 opening to the public on the 27th day of Ramadan, London's first Mosque 1895 and more recently London's first Eid prayers 1894 and not forgetting the record breaking Islamic tour at the world famous Tate Britain gallery with the most about attendees.


Our London guided tours start are £16 per Child and £30.00 per Adult. Schools should contact us for different prices. 

Whether you are honeymooning, on a business trip, transit, looking for an educational experience or just on a holiday, you can be guaranteed we will deliver you a unique Muslim tour experience and you will be for sure delighted with the spectacular locations!

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Why not take a 4 hour private sightseeing tour of London by our iconic black cab taxi tour - See London's famous landmarks and the hidden tales of Muslim heritage! Pick up from where you are staying either at a hotel or house in Zone 1. Additional pick up locations may be done from outside zone 1 or even from the airport at an extra cost.
Adults £30 (16+) Children £16  (8-15) Family £90 Under 7 FREE 10:00 AM, 1:30 PM 4:30 PM The record breaking tour at Tate Britain is now available to you! Join a Muslim tour of works and hidden parts exploring how all histories including Islamic heritage are part of British history. We will be discovering how a painting's label changes over time, how one's own identity shapes a painting. Did you know that Tate Britain was host to a Pakistani president at his state visit? The naughty pasha who wishes to be like the Ottoman Sultan AbdulMajid and much more. Prayer room available on site at Turner Collection, ask at reception or any staff member or click here for a map showing the multifaith room on page 2. This tour is approx 1h 30mins.  Tate Britain (NOT Tate Modern) Millbank, London SW1P 4RG Nearest Tube station: Pimlico or Vauxhall a couple of minutes extra walk Buses: 87, 88, C10 36, 1185, 360 Close by.
£30 Adult (16+) Children (9-15) £16 Family (2A+2C) £90 Under 8 FREE Located in the West London Borough of Ealing, Acton is home to various diverse communities including Japanese, Polish and Muslims from the Gulf.   On this tour we unveil Acton's famous female resident who travelled to the Muslim countries in the 1700s and found the Muslim women to have more freedom than women of Britain, who was she? Who was the famous Muslim in Acton in the early 1900s whose work went worldwide and is still used by Muslim till this day. Discover the first Muslim prayers that took place in 1940s Acton unconnected to the present three Mosques of Acton. How were Muslim portrayed in the past, be surprised! I swear by the Quran! -Who said this and why? Entertainment and swords, The Muslim converts from Acton to pan-London from the time of trials to recognition! An emergency 999 phone call is made to the police by an organiser of a Muslim event! Why ? Where? When?   Prayers may be offered at Annoor Mosque, 58 -70 Church Road, London W3 8PP or Acton Mosque, 2-5 Oldham Terrace, London, W3 6LS. Both have facilities for sisters and are wheelchair accessible.   A number of Buses stop on Acton High Street: E3, 70, 207, 266, 440 and 607.    Nearest Underground station is Acton Town Served by the Piccadilly and District Lines whilst the nearest Overground station is Acton Central.   Nearest Car park is Salisbury Street,(behind Acton Town Hall) less than a minutes walk from the meeting point.   At weekends FREE off street parking is available on surrounding streets.   The starting point of this tour is at Old Acton Library (The Acton Centre).   Tour timings: 9:30 AM, 1:30 PM and 6:30 PM
Best selling Halal Tour £30 Adult (16+) Children (9-15) £16 Family (2A+2C) £90 Under 8 FREE   Central London has many UK's tourist sights providing ample photographic opportunities. Unknown to the masses what lies there is also an untold history, a Muslim presence. Arabic being taught somewhere around Parliament in the 1600's, we take you to the location and show you the works! A Muslim community was discovered in 1600's too! Unrecognised pioneers stolen. Which English note has a Muslim connection? Want to discover the answers to all the above? Join us on this thrilling walking tour, from Parliament Square leading to Whitehall leading to the hustle and bustle of Trafalgar Square and finishing off at the National Portrait Gallery.    Meet Up location is normally, the benches on the left just before the ticket barriers at Westminster tube station. The station is served by the Circle, District, and Jubilee lines.    Tours start at 9:30 AM, 1:30 PM or 6:30 PM. Other times may be considered.      
£30 Adult (16+) Children (9-15) £16 Family (2A+2C) £90 Under 8 FREE Tour timings: 9:30 AM, 1:30 PM and 6:30 PM   The City of London settlement was established by the Romans who called London, "Londinium", in 50AD. The Muslim tour covers numerous locations around the "Square Mile". We look at some of Saladhuddin's connections, the earliest Muslim Statues in UK, reveal who was England's most famous immigrant from the Middle East, hidden gems, Architecture, Crime, Crusades/ Jihad, health, drink, The Great Fire of London, legends and finishing off at a truly memorable listed building!    Starting Location is normally Temple Tube Station. Served by the Circle or District line.The station has WiFi.
at£30 Adult (16+) Children (9-15) £16 Family (2A+2C) £90 Under 8 FREE Bloomsbury Tour - Dubbed the Victorian Muslim Tour due to the number of Victorian connections!  Tour timings: 9:30 AM, 1:30 PM and 6:30 PM   An area with hidden Muslim heritage dating back to 774 thats only 141 years after the death of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Join us on this mind-blowing tour as we unearth some of the many secrets of this great location, such as discovering where the pavement sign of a Turkish bath leads to? The mystery of the vanishing mosque 1899, Sheikh Abdullah Quilliam's two last homes, Noor Ayat Khan a Muslim spy, a tragedy. Which English Muslim wore the Fez hat? Which English King had an Islamic coin? The first Pakistani embassy!   Tour Departs from Holborn Tube Station. Served by Central and Piccadilly lines.
All other days and times are Normal Rates: £30 Adult (16+) Children (9-15) £16 Family (2A+2C) £90 Under 8 FREE Tour timings: 9:30 AM, 1:30 PM and 6:30 PM   Learn how the Muslims numbering only 4,000 in 1960s experienced life in Walthamstow. Find out how they struggled in their lives to establish their first Mosque from Paki-bashing, racist attacks, petrol bombs and deaths! Discover where some of the earliest Muslim prayer places were! What was Abdulla doing on the High Street in 1920s complete with his own signpost? Where do you find Moorish architecture from 1930s? The gruesome untold story to the 1969 Eid prayers! Muhammad Narzi Ali was a person not born in the Indian Sub-continent, did not speak Urdu but from the Caribbean and was instrumental in giving Dawah to the newly arrived Muslims in the 1960s and 1970s, discover why.  How would you work out the prayer direction without a compass?  Join us, on this exciting day to find out the answers!  Meeting point: Bus stop N on Markhouse Road next to Queens Road
£30 Adult (16+) Children (9-15) £16 Family (2A+2C) £90 Under 8 FREE Tour timings: 9:30 AM and 1:30 PM   A highly educational tour discovering a man's life and how he establishes London first Mosque in 1895!. "Britain has an Empire where there were more Muslims subjects than Christian subjects but yet no mosque in its capital!" -This was said by Mohammad Dollie.
£30 Adult (16+) Children (9-15) £16 Family (2A+2C) £90 Under 8 FREE Meeting Point: Holborn Underground Station Tour timings: 9:30 AM, 1:30 PM and 6:30 PM   From Independence to Islamophobia   Covering the following and much more! Muhammad Dollie, Abdullah Quilliam, Feroz Khan Noor, 1930s demo, Moors, Who was the English Niqabi who led a demo in 1947? Allah's Perfection, Dr. Leiter & England's first Mosque, Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Lincoln's Inn, Islamophobia.   Open to all    
£30 Adult (16+) Children (8-15) £16 Family (2A+2C) £90 7 & Under FREE The Whitechapel tour discovers the hidden tales that exist in this locality! How did East London Mosque develop? Will, a Shariah airline take off? Who is Umm Arif? Where was an exhibition that took place in 1908 called Muhammad - Art and Life? Changing Muslim Street Art around Brick Lane, the controversial ones, the Hijab gates, the Niqab!    
£30 Adult (16+) Children (9-15) £16 Family (2A+2C) £90 Under 8 FREE This walking tour runs 7 days a week morning or afternoon Special discounted days Sunday 16th February 2:00 PM and Tuesday 18th February 2020 10:30 AM From £6 Described as "being much better than tours in Istanbul" by a repeat traveller to Istanbul. Newly established Ottomans in Britain tour created after much research at a time when the Turkish series Ertugrul captivates the Muslims from around the world.    Without a doubt, the Ottomans, were the longest Caliphate, lasting more than 600 years. During this time many accomplishments were made, that brought it to be recognised by Britain as a powerful entity, and ally at times. On this tour, we will explore a legacy of the Ottomans with Britain drawing upon the connections that include, retracing Yusuf Agah Effendi in 1793, see objects such as an Ottoman cannon, a stolen Chelengk, a painting and discover who was the most important Ottoman to visit Britain in the 1800s? The walking tour meet-up location: Tea House Theatre, Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, 139 Vauxhall Walk, Vauxhall, London SE11 5HL. Plan your journey in advance Closet Mosque to meet-up location:  Vauxhall Negashi Centre, 283-291 Wandsworth Rd, London SW8 2ND. Includes female prayer space.  Mosque telephone number 020 7720 2508 The Ottomans are back!  Described as "being much better than tours in Istanbul" by a repeat traveller to Istanbul.
£30 Adult (16+) Children (8-15) £16 Family (2A+2C) £90 Under 8 FREE NOTE: The gallery will be closing in June 2020 for 3 years therefore BOOK before then! We visit one of the most popular galleries in the country, the fascinating National Portrait Gallery founded in 1856. The gallery holds an array of Muslim oriented displays as well as some with hidden connections.  We will be looking at a Black Muslim who became enslaved and fails at times to be mentioned in Black history month despite having British connections and contributions done in England in 1700s. British alliance with the Ottomans during the Crimean war leads to a wrongly designed British note Malala the first & second, but just who is Malala first and why is she unknown? 500 years of Muslims living with amnesia  Western disclosers of pirates, privateers, and Mujahideen East India Company, Lucknow - A War of Words Decolonisation And much more!   
£30 Adult (16+) Children (9-15) £16 Family (2A+2C) £90 Under 8 FREE The tour is available 7 days a week.  Tour timings: 9:30 AM, 1:30 PM and 6:30 PM A tour highlighting black Muslim connections in Central London. From ambassadors, Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X, Trafalgar Square, William Shakespeare, Henry 8th and much more! 
Runs 7 days a week and subject to availability £30 Adult, £16 Child (8+), Family £90. Please note the guide's travel has to be paid for in addition to tour.. 10:00 AM or 1:30 PM The tour at Woking Mosque is like no other because it is the first known purpose-built mosque in Britain. Built by Dr. Leitner who was born a Jew, raised a Christain, studied in the Madrassas of Istanbul. Originally established as part of the Oriental Institute and included at the time a Museum. The Shah Jahan Mosque is its official name after the Begum Shah Jahan, the Nawab Begum of the princely state of Bhopal of India.
NEW TOUR  Meet-up location:  Outside Odeon Cinema 22-24 Leicester Square, West End, London WC2H 7LQ Exploring Leicester Square and Piccadilly in the heart of the London, a place of many attractions past and present!. Sites included on this amazing tour are: The mega Mosque that never was a mosque Site of the World Premiere The Message film Museums of the past that opened due to historical battles: Turkish and Egyptain  Coffee shop hidden gem still visable today The Ritz The Turkish Baths The first place in England that sold a curry! Veeraswamy restaurant - hidden secrets revealed And much more 
From GBP 16
Child (9-15)  £16,  Adult (16+) £30 Family (2 Adults and 2 Child) £90 It's time to walk the streets of Central London and visit some of the locations connected to North African Muslims. Starts from St James Park underground station (Broadway Exit) we visit the location of Friday prayers that was estabilshed 100 years ago, by Duse Mohamed Ali, discover the imprisonment of a Moroccan ambassador, to Algerian Rovers occupying British land, the European Moroccan "Pirate", the North African Tudor, Shakespeare's Muslim friend, an Egyptian battle recognised at the World's famous Traflagar Square, King Charle's Moroccan letters, a forgotten Moroccan who used his lorry as a Mosque in London and finishing off around China Town at a hidden gem from 1889.