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Discover the city of London with an experienced tour guide!

Supported by the Mayor of London City of London tour Wednesday 24th August 2022 10:30 AM FREE TOUR

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The City of London settlement was established by the Romans who called London, “Londinium”, in 50AD.

We look at some of Salahuddin’s connections, the earliest Muslim Statues in UK, reveal who was England’s most famous immigrant from the Middle East, hidden gems, Architecture, Crime, Crusades/ Jihad, health, drink, The Great Fire of London, legends and finishing off at a truly memorable listed building!


  • The Muslim tour covers numerous locations around the “Square Mile”
  • We look at some of Saladhuddin’s connections
  • The earliest Muslim Statues in the UK
  • England’s most famous immigrant from the Middle East
  • The Great Fire of London